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These soft ocean colors are complemented by hints of deep prussian blue, copper, rose gold, pearl, and coral with bold cells and veins of rich irridescent gold. The final product reminded me of a the beautiful shallows of mangroves and caves where I used to free dive near Malakal Island in Palau. I have seen some of the most beautiful invertebrates on the planet there. I will finish this large piece to your specifications. You will have the choice of varnishes, orientation, and the option to keep the sides as is, or have them painted with the color of your choice. 24x36 gallery wrapped high depth canvas. 

TO PURCHASE: Contact me directly here.

NOTE: actual costs for shipping will be added to the price.  I try to keep shipping costs as low as possible.  I will be able to give a shipping estimate for large pieces on request.  

Elysia's Grotto

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